what is pure and si

what is pure and si

What Is
Pure And Simple
Definition Of

1 + 1 = 2
(In Private Sector)

1 + 1 = 11
(In Government Sector)

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Boy: From D day im ur frnd,

i m not able 2 eat,drink,smoke.

Girl: how sweet,so u r madly in LOVE

wit me!


U made my pocket empty....
Think Big..
Think Smart..
Think Positive..
Think Beautiful..
Think Great..
I know, That is too much for u, so here is a Shortcut...
Just Think about me..
English Cricket Team Is A Weird Pack...
The Thinnest Guy In The Team Is Called BROAD,
The Ugliest Is Called SWANN,
The Guy Behind The Wickets Is Called PRIOR,
The Guy Whose Father Is John Is Called PETER SON,
The Guy Whose Father Is Luke Is Called ANDER SON,
The Slowest Fielder Is TROTT.
But They Got One Right :
The Guy Not Making Any Noise With The Bat Is Called BELL... =P =D

Be-Panaah Chahat k baad bhi Hum usey paa na sakey "pApPu"

Kisi SangDil ne usey 100 ka Load krwa k Jeet liya... ;->
Judge: why r u arrested?
Sardar: for shopping early?
Judge: well, that’s not a crime,
anyway how early were u shopping?
Sardar: before opening the shop….
garmi ka kya faida hai


Abhi tak sooch rahey ho ??

Sardi nahi lagti

Dil k zakham kisi ko dikha na sako ge,
Dil mein jo he kisi ko bata na sako ge,

Karoo ge jawani me jo girlfriend pe kharche,
Budhape tak udhar chuka na sako gay:p
What do you do when a Sardar throws a hand Grenade at you?
Pull the pin and throw it back :)

Student Of
Class ...

Because ,

The Class ... ;->

[Presudent Of
Out-standing Students]

Once a man was smoking
in Airport
A gentleman arrive n ask
him: "Ek din mei kitni
cigarette pee lete ho ?"

Man : Why ?

Gentleman : Agar tum ab tak
zndgi me cigarete pe kharch
kiye paise bachaty tou
Samne khara hua plane
tumhara hota ..

Man: Tou kia wo plane aap
ka hy ?

Gentleman: Nhi

Man: Thnkx Sir for ur advice
wo plabe mera hi hy ... =P

Moral :
Don''t try to be over-smart
Sutta Laga k Geo
Newton’s Law Of Love . . .

Every Boy On Earth Is Attraacted 2wards A Girl Wid A Force
Directly Propotional 2 da Beauty Of Girl
Inversly Propotional 2 da Strenght Of Her Brothers . . . ;->

Dazz Dazz Dazz ...
Dazz dazz dazz dazz. . .
Chup jao.. FARAZ ''TALIBAN'' k sath mil gaya hy..!