Cheers to a new

Cheers to a new
Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

Jun, 11 2010     64 chars (1 sms)     705 views       New Year

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The Old Year
Has Gone,
Let The Dead Past
Bury Its Own Dead,
The New Year Has
Taken Possession
Of The Clock Of Time.
All Hail, The Duties And
Possibilities Of
The Coming 12 Months

HaPpY NeW yEaR ... (:
Ab k saal kuch aisa karna
Apney pichley bara maah k

Dukh sukh ka andaza karna
Bisri yaadein taza karna

Sada sa ik kagaz ley kar
Bhooley bisrey pal likh lena

Phir iss beetey ik ik pal ka
Apney guzrey ik ik kal ka

Ik Ik mour ka ihata karna
Sarey dost akatha karna
Saree subhein hazir rakhna
Saree shamein paas bulana

Aur alawa in k dekhoo
sarey mausam dheyaan mein rakhna
Ik ik yaad gumaan mein rakhna

Phir mohtaat qiyaas lagana

Gur to khushiyaan barh jati hain
Tu phir tum ko meri taraf se yeh saal mubarak

Aur agar gham barh jaye to
MaTt bekaar takaluf karna
Dekho phir tum aisa karna
Meri khushiyaan tum ley lena
Mujh ko apney ghum dey dena
Ab k saal kuch! aisa karna
If It didn''t Bring you Joy,
Just Leave it Behind.

Let''s Ring in the New Year
With Good Things in Mind.

Let Every Bad Memory
That Brought Heartache and Pain.

And let''s Turn a New Leaf
With the Smell of New Rain.

Let''s Forget Past Mistakes
Making Amends for This Year.

Sending You These Greetings
To Bring You Hope and Cheer.

Happy New Year!
When the mid-nite bell rings tonight...
Let it signify new and better things for you,
let it signify a realisation of all things you wish for,
Let it signify a year of courage and believes,
Wishing you a very...very...very prosperious 2008
HaPpY NeW YeAr . . .

MaY AllAh BlEsS U AlL . . . AlLaH''s BlEsSiNgs 2 U anD Ur FaMilY . . .
As We HaVe EnTerEd In NeW YeAr aCcOrDiNg To IsLaMiC CaLeNdAr . . .
Abhi lamhe
Nahin bikhre
Abhi mosam
Nahi bichre
Mere kamry ki
Thandak me
Abhi kuch dhoop
Baqi hay
Meri diary k
Kuch safhay
Abhi kuch keh
Nahin paye
Mere angan k
Sab poday
Abhi bhi
Gungunate hain
Mere be-jaan
Honton per
Abhi muskaan
Waisi hay
Kisi k laot aanay
Abhi imkaan baqi
Baat botoon
Agar tum maan
Tehar jao….!!!
Tehar jao…
Enjoy the last
Day December
Happy new year.

I m the 1st who wish u a Islamic year in a Islamic country.

1st Muhrram 1429 Hijri on 10 Jan 2008.
Memorable moment r celebrate together,
U r my best friend for now & forever,
Make me Miss U even more this New Year,
Hope this 2008 bring Happiness for you Dear.
Sunehri dhoop bersaat ke bad,thori si husi her baat ke baad,
usi tara ho mubarik aap ko 2007, 2006 ke baad.
Wish u a Happy new year
"Happy Last M0nth Of The Year"

May GOD Achieve Your All Remaining Goals IN This Last Month Of The Year,
Whatevr U HAVN''T Completd IN 11 Months
2010 is coming Before 2009 ends,
let me thanx all the good people like u,
who made 2009 beautiful for me.
I pray u b blessed with faithful year a head.
I wish u a

fantastic JANUARY

Love able FEBRUARY

Marvelous MARCH

Foolish APRIL

Enjoyable MAY

Successful JUNE

Wonderful JULY

Indepedent AUGUST

Powerful september

Tastiest OCTOBER

Beautiful NOVEMBER

Happiest DECEMBER.

Hope i m 1st person to wish u happy 12 months of 2010:)
Wish You A...Great,Prosperous, Blissful, Healthy, Bright,
Delightful, Mind Blowing, Energetic, Terrific & Extremely