i know its ur birthd

i know its ur birthd
i know its ur birthday 2day.. iam sure u''l give me treat in a big hotel.. so i shall talk to u in person there, coz i dunno to xpress my feelings in SMS"

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Life is full of rewards

If you eat properly

exercise and take good care of yourself for 60 years

what is your reward

A senior citizen card

20% discount.
NA jane kesse kesse log pallay par jatay hain zindagi ki dour main me agay barh jatay hain par kuchlog apke jassay b hotay haindo char $m$ ker do pechay par jatay hain.
sTuDeNt:MiSs aP nE kAL MuJhE caLL KyOn Ki tHi kYa KaM tHa MuJh Se?

TeAcHeR:Mai Ne To Koi CaLL NaHi Ki

StuDnT:tO pHir mErE mObiLe pE KyOn LiKhA ThA 1 MisS caLL
Weather Report Mein Bataya Gya Hai
k Yeh Taiz Hawa Apne Sath Sub
Bagirton Ko ley Jay Gi
Is Ley Ap Chaat Per Maze Lene Na Ana
Warna Kidnap Ho Jo Gay...=P;->

Customer : How much is that banana for?

Salesperson : Rs.10

Customer : Can you sell it to me for Rs.6?

Salesperson : At that rate, you will only get the banana peel!

Customer : Okay I will buy the banana for Rs.4 , but you can keep the peel!
1 pagal american se:tum japaneez ho na?
amr: nai me amercn hun
pg:nai tum jpnz ho
amr:nai me amercn hun
pg:nahi tum jpnez ho
amr:han han mejpnz hun
pg:lagte to amrcan ho

Forward dis msg 2 ur frndZ n get cool,
funny and amazing replies.
But reply me first.

Kia haal hai? =P ;)

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Patni:Dekho,Wo Couple KISS Karte Hue Kitna Khush Dikhai De Rahe Hai.

Pati:Wo Usse DROP Karne Aaya Hai,RECEIVE Karne Nahi..
Mat Mila Naye Dosto Se A Khuda

Wo Hume Barbad Krte He

Hum To sMs Ki Bauchar Krte He

Or wo Chawanni K Liye Bhi Vichar Krte He ...........;->
If u really wanna know the meaning of life...???





look in the Dictionary... ;->
Never ask
for a hug
Jus take it.

Never ask
Do U Luv me
Say I Luv u

Nvr sy I
Cant live wdout u
Sy I live 4 u

U''ve been trained
nw go & flirt !!
New style of proposing a girl: I have spent many sleepless nights in your love, and I don''t want my son to do the same for your daughter. So lets make them brother & sister.