i know its ur birthd

i know its ur birthd
i know its ur birthday 2day.. iam sure u''l give me treat in a big hotel.. so i shall talk to u in person there, coz i dunno to xpress my feelings in SMS"

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Boy 2 God:
Give me a pocket full of money,
A job & a big vehicle full of girls.

God replied:your wish is fullfilled
He became a bus conductor of karachi university point.:p
Time Pass Karna Hy ? ? ?

Khamoshi Se Kitchen Main Jao

Cabnit Main Se OIL Nikalo

Kamre Me Ja K KAPRE Utaaro


Purane KAPRE Badal Ker Kitchen Main Ja
PAKOREY Banao . . . ;->
tujh sey bichchar k zinda hein,

shaad hein, Tabinda hein
Pagal khaney Main Bht
Sarey Pagal Naach Rahy
Thay. In me Sy 1 Pagal
Khamosh Betha Tha
Dr. Tm Khamosh Q
Bethe Ho?
Pagal Ny Kaha-Bewaquf
Me "Dulhan" Hon ;->
''MUNNA BHAI: circuit agar bina daant wala kutta kate to kya karne ka re?
CIRCUIT:simple he bhai, bina sui wala injection lene ka''

Plz Don''t Neglect This

A Poor Boy
Suffering Frm Mental
Disorder Needs Shock
Plz Send Ur Photo
So That
He Gets The
A Day Will Come . . .

When The Whole World Will






But Keep In Mind

April Fool Comes Once A Year


Its Ur Day ;->
Pakistani And American
A Paksitani Boy Got Admission In An American School.
Teacher : Whats Your Name ?
Boy : Ahmad
Teacher : No, Now You R In America Your Name Is Johny From Today.
Boy Went Home. Mom Asked:
How Was The Day Ahmad.
Boy : Im An American Now Call Me Johnny.
Mom & Dad Both Got Offended And Beat Him Up.
Next Day He Was Back To School, All Bruised.
Teacher :What Happend Johnny?
Boy : Maam, Just 4 Hours After I Became American, I Was Attacked By Two Pakistanis!
Mulana Fazal-ul-Rehman Reporter Ko Interview Dete Hoye :

Reporter: Ap k Hath Mai Hamesha Tasbeeh Hoti Hai Ap Kia Pahrte Hain Tasbi Pe ?

Mulana : Mai Ayetul Kursi Pahrta Hon.

Reporter: Ap Itna Jaldi Jaldi Aytul Kursi Kaise Pehr Laitay Hain ?

Mulana: Mai Waqt Ki Kami Ki Wajah Se Sirf Kursi Kursi Pahrta Hon.
Teachr: Wat Is Ur Father?

Stdnt : I.C.S. In Summer
P.C.S. In Winter.

Tchr: Wats Dat?

S:Ice Cream Seller In Summr
Pakoda Chat Seller In Winter
''Hotay hain Dunya main aisay bhi haadsay...

Wah Wah...

Hotay hain Dunya main aisay bhi haadsay...

Thanday Meethy Faalsay,

Kalay Kalay Faalsay.''
Few Sweetest kisses...

loveliest kiss: on cheeks..

Romantic kissL on lips..

Hottest kiss: On ur Vehicals Silencer...

Yakeen nahi to try kar lena....