It,S A Challnge 4 U

It,S A Challnge 4 U
It,S A Challnge 4 U

Phansi Ka Time Fajar K Bad Aur Soraj Niklne Se Pehle Kyu Fix Kiya Gya Hai?

Kisi Aur Time Pe Phansi Kyu Ni Dete Hn?
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Jun, 10 2010     166 chars (2 sms)     1000 views       Q n A

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Q : Duniya Ke Woh 2 kon se Juram hain jo Paya Takmeel Tak Poonch jaye tu Duniya ki Koi taqaat (Power) Saza (punishment) nahi de sakti ,ager woh Na Mukamal ( uncompelte ) rahay tu Saza de ja sakti hai ???

Ans : 1- Sucide and 2- Bar Saray Iqtidar ( Become Prisident of Country as like Musharaf )
Select a Bird for Me and then I tell You What You Feel About Me!


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Sparrow: I am innocent
Parrot: I am flirt
Eagle: U like me
Crow: We are best friends
Pigeon: U love me too much!
Penguin: I am cute
Falcon: I am dangerous for u!
A)I love u.
B)khuda k lye peecha chor do mera.
C)u r my dream.
D)i''ve no tym 4 u.
E)plz come in my heart.
F)azaab hi ho tum
G)I cant live widout u....

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hai to acha magar . . . . . . ?
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Wo kia hai, jo har andha, beingha, Kana ,aur theek ankhoon wala sabhee dekhtey hein?

Mein bataon! Khawab
Suppose If Mirror Was Not Invented


I Ask U To Describe

How My Face Looks

How Wud U Describe .... ???
What is it?

The people who make it don''t want it. The people who buy it don''t use it. The people who use it don''t know it. What is it?

The Answer:

A coffin: The people who make it aren''t going to want a coffin and the people who buy it don''t use it on their self. The people who use it don''t know it because they''re dead
send dis msg 2 ur franz n gt funny reply

if im get in married 2mmorrow n today u get 2 walk 4 smtime wid my fiance,wht wud u lik 2 tel him abt me?reply
Today is Heart Voice Day..

Aaj app ke dil main merey liye jo bhi hai keh do, I don''t mind..

I am waiting for your reply..!!
There R 7 Girls In A Bus
Each Girl Has 7 Bags
7 Big Cats In Each Bag
Each Cat Has 7 Small Cats
How Many LEGS R In The Bus????
Read Care Fully & Send Ur Answer.
Its Challenge 4 U All.....
One Try Only
A Challenge For U 2 Rearrange D Following Words:
Karnemd (Place)
Laebaba (Bird)
Sondelo (Food)
Peoahygrg (Subject)
Rabe (Animal)
R U Genius? Reply Me Must...

Karnemd (Place)Denmark
Laebaba (Bird) ABABEAL
Sondelo (Food)noodels
Peoahygrg (Subject)geography
Rabe (Animal)BEAR....