I woke up a few

I woke up a few
I woke up a few hours ago,but somehow I feel incomplete till I
remembered I haven"t texted you yet. Have a Pleasant Morning

Jun, 08 2010     125 chars (1 sms)     865 views       Good Morning

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Rain Covers d Sun

Truth Covers d Lie

Angels Cover d Evil

Flowers Cover d Garden

May Happiness Cover All d Worries
Of Ur Life

Good Morning
Have A Blessed Day :)
I awoke this morning,
ate my breakfast early.
I dressed by myself
and to school I hurry.
School, school,
here I am today.
Now I am ready to read
and sing and play.

(to the tune of "Happy Birthday")

Good Morning to you
Good Morning to you
Good Morning Dear first Grade
Good Morning to you!
Between a 100000 yesterdays& a 100000 tomorrows, There is only
ione today and I would not let this pass without saying thx 4
being such a lovely frnd... Good Morng..............
Wishing u................
G Morning O Afternoon O Evening D Night
hey, 4 in 1 SMS pack -
I save the money.....................
Savera kya hua, Sitaron ko bhool gaye, suraj kya aya, chand ko
bhool gye. Gujre kya pal hamare SMS ke bina, aap hume SMS
karna bhool gye.... Good Morning dost
;; ;;
c(""") c(""")
""" """

One For Me,
One For U.

Let''s Enjoy

Every morning, leave your worries outside your gate, coz that''s where they pick up the garbage!
Good Morning
Have a worry free day!
It is a
''''M''''ind touching
''''L''''ong lasting
Its your ''''SWEET SMILE''''
So Keep smiling always,

Enjoy The Little Things,
For One Day You May Look Back
And Realize They Were The Big Things.

Gud Morning

The Day The

Lord Created

Hope Was Probably

The Same Day

He Created Spring.

Good Morning


Keep Smiling
I define good morning sms as de way of asking how was ur 9t
& de delivery of wishes 4 a brand new day. Good morning.
If I get ur smile, I don"t need flowers, If I get ur voice,
I don"t need music, If u speak to me I don"t any body else,
If ur with me I don"t need the world. luv you, Good Morning