zzzz! zzzz! i ,o_,__,

zzzz! zzzz! i ,o_,__,
zzzz! zzzz! i ,o_,__,
huh! I forgot
i , /(,__,
to tell you
o_, Good
i (,__, Night...

Jun, 07 2010     135 chars (1 sms)     907 views       Good Night

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you live in ur dreams,but dreams may die. dont get shattered,
never ever cry.da world is big &has lots 2 give,pick up a new
dream,4 dats da way 2 live.Good NighT.
I wish moon always be full & bright !!!U always be cool &
right!!! Whenever u go to switch off the light,Remember that
I am wishing u Good Night......
Hi Had Ur Dinner?
Den Go 2 Bed Fast
Because Something Is Waiting 4 U
Do U Know What Is That..?
Sweet Dreamz

Gud Nite!
. ‘ 12 ‘ .
9 !/ 3
‘ . 6 . ‘

. ‘ 12 ‘ .
9 !_ 3
‘ . 6 . ‘

. ‘ 12 ‘ .
9 _! 3
‘ . 6 . ‘
still awake?
Time to sleep,
Go My Sweet Sms.,

"Sweetheart" K Pas.,

Sweet Roads
Se Ho K.,

Sweet Smile K Sath.,

Sweet Mood K Sath.,

Sweet Se
Andaz Mey Kehna.,

".Sweet Dreams." :-)
Let the silence of the night give you enough strength for tomorrow.

Let the stars light up your face and let the love of God embrace you.

Not just tonight but for the rest of your life. Good night!
Old concept: "Do or die "
New concept: "Do before u die "
Latest concept: "Dont die until u do "
Our concept:
"WHAT TO DO!?!?!"

Good Night
As Night Falls upon the Land,
It is Time To Zzzz Again.

With the Moon hanging in the Starlit Sky,
I''m Here to Wish You Good Night!
Muskurahato''n Se Bhari
ho Zindagi

Chahato''n Se Bhar Ho
har Pal

Daman Bhi Chotta Lagny

Itni Khushya''n De
Aap Ko Har Aane Wala Kal

G ''o_o'' d Night (:
Stars light Stars bright u"re the only Star I see tonight.
I wish I may. I wish I might be there guarding ur dreams tonite,
gd nite sweet dreams
Have you ever experienced a time in your life

when you felt so empty for no reason?

Have you ever felt so down but you just can''t tell why?

Have you ever felt like the world suddenly spins around you,

and you are caught in the middle going nowhere?

Weird, isn''t it?

But that''s the beauty of being human…

it is knowing that there is a purpose for each existence,

and whatever that may be,

it is also the reason why we still wake up breathing each morning,

to discover that missing piece of puzzle that would make our lives complete.

Have a nice sleep!
NiGHt iz longeR

dan day 4 dose





iz longer


night 4 those

who make


DREAMS come true….

So Wish U