cheeni leny chaltay hain

cheeni leny chaltay hain

"Suniye mujhe koi mehangi chez le ke den naa plz!"

"Chalo tum tayar hojao

"cheeni" leny chaltay hain:-D

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God Created Millions Of Faces With Different Looks..

But When He Reached China, He Was Exhausted.

Then He Started

Ctrl C, Ctrl V, Ctrl C, Ctrl V
Ur Eyes Patakha.

Ur lips Rocket

Ur ears Chingari

ur smile Phuljari

Ur style Anaar

ur personilty Bomb

Beta Nikal le

I''m Coming with candle

Apun Tere 7 Sms Ka Dhanda Band Kerne Ka Hy

Bole To

Ek dum khalas

Agr Compromise Kerne Ka Hy To

4-5 Jhakaas Se Sms Bhej Daal

warna khalas.

A person in toilet hears from adjacent toilet
Hi, how r u?
he is embarassed and says doin, just fine...

So what r u up to?
well, just sitting like you....

Can i come over?
No, no i am kinda busy now !!

listen, i have to call u back.
There is an idiot in other toilet who is
answering my questions.. ;->
Job In Trafic Police

Candidate Mst Hve Da Following Qualities.

1Behviur: Battamez
2Weight:Minimum 105 Kg(125 Ghari Pr 1 Hi Pura Aye)

3 Honsty: Chalan Km Katey(Oper Se Paise Le Le)

4luks: Koi B Ho(Knsa Behaviur Pe Frq Pardna Hy)

Yar Suneri Moqa He Hath Se Mt Ghawana Tm Me To Isse B Ziada Khubyan Hyn
The Company Of
Gud Ppl Is Like The Shop
Of Perfume
Wethr U Have Bought
Or Not
U''ll Receive A Lot Of Gud

So Dun Lose Me ... ;->
''Wat happens when a lion roars????
TOM and JERRY starts !!''
After a striving movement of 25 years.

MQM chairman ALTAF HUSSAIN has completed his first book.

Book available on many stalls and Pdf version @ internet also

Book Name :

"Kallu k Lateefay" =P =D
Father watching FashionTv suddenly son came.

Father: Garib larkiyaan hy kaprey leney k liye b paisa nahi hy!

Son: is se b garib aye to mujhe bula b lena =P ;->
ik admy anpe ghar waloon ko kehta hai ke jab main maroon ga

tu mery kabarr main ik cap main thori se chai rakh dena

orr wo ik din marr giya ghar waloon nai is ki kabarr main chai rakh de

hasab lene ik farishta yaa orr iss nai kaha ke hasaab do
admy kehta jere pehlee farishte cha pe ke gay se o koon se
HUSBAND:tu saali kutti..!!!
WIFE:tu saaala kutta...!!!!
their CHILD who was nearby said: MAIN SAAALA PUPPY....!!!
Policeman: Tum Ne
Beech Road Pe Bus Q
Rok Di ???

Pathan: Hum Shehr Me
Naya Aya Hy Mgr
Qanoon Nhi Torta,
Wo Samne Dkho Lkha Hy
Tou Hum Ne Rok Dia ;->