What Is a kiss? In view of

What Is a kiss? In view of
What Is a kiss? In view of
" Kiss is the shortest distance between two lips!

" kiss is that thing for which DEMAND is always higher than SUPPLY!

" kiss is the process of charging a human body"

" Like a LAN , in which 2 bodies r connected without any DATA CABLE"

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President "Pakistani"
Leadrship "Purani"
Army Chief "Kiani"
Prime Minister "Gillani"
Speaker "Zanani"
Nawaz Shrif Ki "Shetani"
Zardari Ki "Karastani"
Judges Ki "Baimani"
Wkla Ki "Manmani"
Ministers Ki "Farawani"
Awam Ki "Preshani"
Wah Re Wah teri Qismat "PAKISTANI" ;->
Good friendship doesn''t mean you have to see and talk to each other everyday, its all about being there in times of one''s need. I''m here just a text away.
God has Four gifts for u:

A Key for every Problem,

a Light for every Shadow,

a Plan for every Tomorrow

& a Joy for every Sorrow.

Enjoy GOD''s gift.
Is Dunya Me 1 Ache
Insaan Ka Mlna Ksi
Mojze Se Kam Nhi
1 Aisa Insan Jo
Khunsurat Dil Aur
Purkashish Shaksiyat
Ka Malik Ho

Qadar Kro Meri Zalimo''n ... ;->
why u feel lonely n cant see anyone arround u
and d world seems 2 b DARK,
everything seems FAR,
com wid Me hold my hand n I''ll take u
to An
EYE SPECIALIST..............
Height of being Hygienic:

A Computer Science student washing his hands with Dettol

after removing a Virus from his System ;)

pathan ne Language centre me Admision lia
Or agle din us se kaha gya k koi
Acha sa English sentence sunao
Pathan:josh me bola!
I shall never die B4 my death ;->
Husbnd:Kya Tumne Mujhe KUTTA Kaha?

No Ans.

Husbnd Again Asks, No Ans.

Then Again He Asks,

Wife: Nahi Kaha.

Plz Ab Bhoka Na Bandh Karo :D
A Man Has A Crow . . .
Who Has Very Soft & Tender Feathers . .
What Does He Call It. . . ???

Any Guesses

Don’t Know

He Calls It

My-Crow-Soft . . . ;->
Q: What is the Indian version of a hat-trick?
A: 3 runs in 3 balls.
Interviewee;What is your date of birth?
Sardar;nov 28.
Interviewer;which year?
Sardar;abey ullu everyyear.
I Accept

I Beleive

I Admit

I m "0" Zero

But This Is Not End

I Want Her


Widout Her

I''m Incomplete

Her 0 = HER0

So Be Quick

"HER" For Me ;->