The Only Way You Can Feel Good About

The Only Way You Can Feel Good About
The Only Way You Can Feel Good About YourSelf Is By Making SomeOne Else Look Bad.


I''m Tired Of Making Other People Feel Good About Themselves…. ;->

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Exams are like GIRL FRIENDS

1 Too Many Questions.
2 Difficult to Understand.
3 More Explanation is Needed.
4 Result is always FAIL!
"3 inamat"

1.Bohat sa pyar.
2.Umar bhar ki chahat.
3.Bilkul free stay mere DIL mein.
ye offer mere ache mood tak valid hai.
Teacher: Paani Ke Bina Hum Kaise Marenge?

Student: Paani Nahi Toh

Hum Swim Kaise Karenge

Aur Swim Nahi

Kiya Toh Doob Jayenge...
''Punjabi version of baby baby yes mama!

Kaki kaki
Haan beybay!

Phak di cheeni
Na beybay!

Jhoot bakdi
Na beybay!

Lawan jutti
Na beybay!

Khol bootha
Ha Ha Ha!''
Height of Love

when you learn that you are dialing your lovers number when you are asked to dial Plumbers NO
Signs of a suicide bomber given by Police

1) they Look healthy due to packings inside

2)wearing new unwashed clothes

3) new haircut n face shave

4) they do not speak or engage in talk

5) Recite something in their mouth

Keep an eye on your surroundings and when you see someone like mentiond above

Tey tusi v kalma par lena tawada v time agya g .... =P ;)
Student : "Yaar! Dhokha Ho Gaya"

Dost:"Kya Hua?"

Student: "Maine Ghar Se Books Ke Liye Paise Mangwaye The,

Unhone Books Hi Bhej Di..!!!
sardar, a japanese, and a britisher were shipwrecked on a deserted
island. One day they came upon an old lamp buried in the sand.
As they brushed the sand from the lamp a Genie appeared and said I''ll
give each of you one wish." The japanese said "I wish I was home!" PUFF and
he was gone! The britisher said "I wish I was home!" PUFF and he too
was gone. The sardar said "Boy is it lonely here! I wish my friends were
Two guys were hiking through the jungle when they spotted a Tiger who looked both hungry and

One of the guys reached into his pack and pulled out a pair of Nike Shoes..

His friend looked at him "Do you really think those shoes are going to make you run faster than that tiger?"

I don''t have to run faster than that tiger, his friend replied. "I just have to run faster than you" :p ........
Napolean says " The Word " Impossible" is not in my dictionary "
Santa singh " Tay Vekh kay leni se na dictionary.
Aap chlormint kyu khate hai?

Mujhe pta he,
ye sab
0.50 paise ki nhi aati.
Ek Pathan Mobile Company Main Job K Liye Gaya:

1st Ques K Answer Pe He Usay Maar K Bhaga Diya Gaya.

Ques: Which Is The Most Popular Network.


Pathan: Al-Quaida. :-)