1 Aadmi ny rat ko ghr jaty huay aik bht khubsort jwan lrki ko lift di,

Achank rsty main boht tez tofani barish shuro ho gai or un dono ko aik hotel main Room lena pra,

Itfaq sy room b sirf aik he khali tha,

Dono so gay or subha uth kr apny apny ghr chly gay.

mery sms gandy nahi hoty...

Dec, 02 2012     297 chars (2 sms)     831 views       Double Meaning

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Girl: What do you like in me?
Boy: Those who white big balls having black dots in it.
Girl: Whattt???
Boy: Yes i like your eyes. Its really beautiful..
Most interesting line written
on the front of T-shirt of a girl,
Excuse me !
My face is above. ;) :p
KyA AapNe kAbhi Munh me LiyA hy??

Wo MotA sA,

Aas-PAAs bAAL,


UpEr sE CoVEr...


JhooT boLTE ho?

KAbhi BUTTA nAhi khAyA? :p ;->
Pehlay Baahon me Lena Phr Seene Se Lagana Phr Methi Methi Baty Krna Phr Khoob Kiss Krna Phr Bister Pr Litana . . . . Kita Mushkil hay Bacchon ko Sulana.
I''m very good in bed...
I can sleep all day...

What Were U Thinking . . . ;->
Hold It Gently
Put 2 Fingrs
If Dey Dnt
Fos Dem In
If De Hole‘s Big Enaf
Muv Up & Down
Ooh Yes..
Can U Fil It?
Dats How U Wash A Glass
Larka Larki Se Kia Kr Rhe Ho ?

Larki Dodh Pee Rhe Ho

Larka Kis Ka ?

Larki Apni Bhen


Bhains Ka ...=P;->:-P
To make it straight,
she pulls it.
2 make it stand,
she rubs it.
2 make it stiff,
she licks it.
2 let it "IN"
she pushes it.
True! Threading a needle is not easy!!!
What''s An Average 6 Inch Long

Inside A Guy''s Pants And Girls Love To Blow It Up?

A:1000- Rupee Currency Note.!

Always Think POSITIVE
Ive got ur bak & uve got mine.
ill help u out netime.
2 see u hurt 2 $ee u cry
.make$ me weep & wanna die.
ill b right here til d$ ur my love & my bestfriend.....
Girl Friend ke saath,
Kamre ke andhar,
Table ke upar,
Batti ke neeche,
De tacatac.... tacatac..
De tacatac.... tacatac..

Stupid I am playing table tennis.... ;->
Girls misuse it!

Anger robs it!

Models sell it!

Photogrphs cage it!

Doctors advice it!

Death freezes it!

Artists create it!

That''s SMILE
Keep Smiling..