The only thing

The only thing
The only thing worse than being alone, is being with you.

Jun, 18 2010     58 chars (1 sms)     784 views       Break Up

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do pal ki zindgani yahi bit jayegi,
har kali raat ke baad nayi subah aayegi,
agar khas logo ki yaad satayegi to,
kasam se apki yaad sabse pahle aayegi
There''s One Sad Truth In Life I''ve Found
While Journeying East And West -
The Only Folks We Really Wound
Are Those We Love The Best.

We Flatter Those We Scarcely Know,
We Please The Fleeting Guest,
And Deal Full Many A Thoughtless Blow
To Those Who Love Us Best.

~Ella Wheeler Wilcox
I"m sure you"ve met my new girlfriend, she"s been your best
friend for 8 years.
Baat Be Baat

log kehte hain
bat be bat kion tumhari ankhoon main
dhund $i chane lagti he
bat be bat kion
tumhare chehre par mo$ame $arma ki
ouda$ian chane lagti hain
bat be bat kion
tumhare huont ki$i unkahe af$ane ko
bayan karne ki ko$hi$h main larazne lagte hain
bat be bat kion
tumhari palkoon par $itare camakne lagte hain
log kia janain jana
bat be bat
tum yad ate ho.....
Torr Kar Hum ko aisy Bakhero ab ki bar,
Na Phir sy jurr payein Hum,
Na Phir sy tor pao Tum,
I hate you, you hate me, what are we waiting for? Let"s do it.
I get so emotional when your not around.. I think the emotion
is called happiness
Relationships Are Like Glass ...

Sometimes It''s Better To Leave Them Broken


Try To Hurt Yourself Putting It Back Together ...
You ruined my life.
I wish I never met you.
I hate thinking about you.
You hurt me...bad!

But the worst part is... I still love you
Unho ne dekha aur "AAN$OO" gir pare,
bhari bar$at main jai$ay phool bikhar pare,
dukh woh nahi k unho nay alwida kaha,
dukh tu ye hai k u$ k baad wo khud ro pare.....
A Lost Thing Could I Never Find,

Nor A Broken Thing Mend

And I Fear I Shall Be All Alone

When I Get Towards The End.
aan$ooun ki wadi main
dil nazuk rehtay hain
jo choot kha kar bhi
kuch kar nahi patay hain
in aan$ooun ki wadi main
dheeray $ay chalnay
yahan kaii dil hain
jo toot gatay hain
in ma$oom dilloun ko
jab rah na millay
aff$urda $i niggahon $ay
ha$srat main gungonatay hain
in dukhi dilloun ko
koi dukh na dayna
yah aan$ooun ki wadi hai
yahan khammo$h rehna
prinday bhi rootay hain
aur chup chaap $ay rehtay hain
phool jo khiltay hain
murgha $ay gatay hain
har chahra yahan pay
ghamzada $a hai
har aankh yahan pay
$oogi hoi hai
yah aan$ooun ki wadi hai
yahan tum na aana
yahan weeran dil ba$tay hain
yahan tum na ba$na.....