Making a million

Making a million
Making a million friends is not a miracle,
the miracle is to make a friend who will stand by you
when millions are against you.

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Journey of life...

Journeys end
Friends Depart
Every Phase of Life Comes to an End
But Every End is also a New Beginning
It Is a New Chapter Waiting to Open

It''s up to you What you want to Think about,
The End or New Beginning
The Day You Came In My Life,
I Felt You As My Best 0ne.
I Judged You Not By Your Beauty or
Because I Felt You As My 0wn. Be With Me Forever.. !
Stay Wid Me

I''ll Saty Wid You


We Will be Friends

Through & Through . . . (~_~)
Keep me as a friend I will keep in my heart lock it up
& throw the key that no one take you away from me
"Two of my friends were arguing as who is dear to me..

I was smiling silently thinking of you"
To know someone here or there with whom you
can feel there is understanding in spite of
distances or thoughts expressed ~
That can make life a garden.
Friendship is like a string, when it breaks, it may be tied again but a knot comes there at the joint. So be careful about your friends and never try to break your friendship because it may be made again but there will be bad impression of break is left in the string of Friendship
KeEping a FRIEND is As Difficult AS losing one.
U sacrifice A lot To keep them.
I may not have sacrificed enuf 4 u...
tbut in my HEART I swear I"m keeping U..
is Ka Wajood Nahi Wo hasti Kis Kaam ki

Jahan Dil Na Lage Wo basti Kis Kaam Ki

Yaad Aap Ki Aaye Aur Hum SMS Na Kaaren

Tou Phir Aisi Dosti Kis Kaam ki . . . ;->
Friendship Is All About 3 Things -





Winning Your Friends Heart,

Losing Your Self Ego,


Sharing Joys N Sorrows
Jinki yaad mei hum dewane ho gaye
woh humhi se begane ho gaye
shayad unhe talash hai naye dosto ki
kyoki unki nazar mei ab hum purane hogaye
The Friend Who Luv u Will Fight U More too Bt If

u Drop a Tear He Will Fight Da World 2 Stop Ur TEars So

Never Lose The Loving Friend ) Like ME ;)