A Friend Is Someone

A Friend Is Someone
A Friend Is Someone

Who Can See The Truth

And Pain In You

Even When You

Are Fooling

Everyone Else.

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Love Says, If Anything

Happens To You,

I Am Always There
Friendship Says,

How Can Anythin

Happen 2 U Wen I Am Wid U!

If luck is a raindrop, I wil; send u a shower.
If hope is a minute, I ll send you an hour.
If happiness is a leaf, I ll give you a tree.
If u need a friend, u already have me.
When U Ask GOD For A Gift

Be Thnkful If He Sends

Not Diamond, Pearls O Riches


The Love Of Real True Friends . . . =)
There comes that mysterious meeting in life
when someone acknowledges who we are and what
we can be, igniting the circuits of our
highest potential.
Aaj dil puch baitha apni hi tasveer se,
Tune kiya paya hai taqdeer se? Aapki tasveer dil k aaine ko dikhai Aur kaha,
inko paya hai duniya ki bheed se..
BeSt FrIeNdZ

aRe LiKe

A FaVoUrItE pAiR

Of bLuE jEaNs ... !!!

tHeY gEt BeTtEr

As ThE TyM PaSsEs ... (:
The Friend Who Luv u Will Fight U More too Bt If

u Drop a Tear He Will Fight Da World 2 Stop Ur TEars So

Never Lose The Loving Friend ) Like ME ;)
The recipe of friendship:, 1 cup of sharing.. 2 cups of caring.. 3 cups of forgiveness &hugs.. mixx all these together to make friends 4 ever..
Best day aaj, best gift zindagi,
best eahsaas khushi,
best feeling pyar,
best relationship dosti,
best person hum,
best friend tum hum tum
Friendship Is The Only Thing

In The World Concerning

The Usefulness

Of Which

All Mankind

Are Agreed...
Udas mat ho Dost....
dono milkar dubara ZANZEER film banayenge...,
Tum BIG B ban jana Hum PRAN ban jayenge...,
Dono yaari hai imaan gana gayenge...,
Agar film flop bhi ho jati hai to bilkul na ghabrana.
Dono station par chay ki dukan chalayenge.
Tum chay banana aur ham chay chay chilaye ge magar DOSTI to NIBHAYENGE.
Age appears to be best in some things.
Old wood best to burn. Old books best to read.
Old rice best to eat and old friends best to keep