A Friend Is Someone

A Friend Is Someone
A Friend Is Someone

Who Can See The Truth

And Pain In You

Even When You

Are Fooling

Everyone Else.

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A true friend scolds like a DAD..

Cares like a MOM..

Teases like a SISTER..

Irritates like a BROTHER..

and finally loves U more than a LOVER.

Send this to all ur gud friends even me if I am 1 of them.
Good FRIENDS Care For Each Other..
Close Friends
Understand Each Other...
And TRUE Friends Stay
Beyond Words,
Beyond Time...**
BeSt FrIeNdZ

aRe LiKe

A FaVoUrItE pAiR

Of bLuE jEaNs ... !!!

tHeY gEt BeTtEr

As ThE TyM PaSsEs ... (:
Frienship Is Something Which Keeps Ur Life Moving

No Matter Wharever The Obstacles Come In Ur Way

It Gives U Courage, Satisfaction & Never Let U Give Up . . .
A is 1
B is 2
C is 3
Z is 26 then
Interesting hai naa...
Friendship is twice stronger than Love...
A Friend is never measured by the number of times he made u laugh.

But by the number of times he made u SMILE after u cried.
love start
grows with
ends with
start with
grow with
ends with death
u may b a boy

or a gurl

u may fart alot

u may b fat

u may talk a lot

u may think u r the king...

or the queen

u may b bad

or u cud b gud

u may b in the circus

or work as a D.J

u may b weird

or u may b cool

u may hav weird tastes

u may b fit

but u r still my friend
plants are green and earth is blue, why ur so nice to me i want a clue, What ever may be the resone like u , b''coz in world like this, i will never get a friend like you
Every Life In This World
Is Painted By GOD.
I am Thankful To Him
Because When He
Painted My Life
Beautiful Colour
Like U…..
As My Friend.
Beautiful friendship Saying:
“Life can give us a number of Beautiful Friends!”
“Only True Friends can give us a Beautiful Life…!!”
The Rain May Be Falling Hard Outside,
But Your Smile Makes It All Alright.
I''m So Glad That You''re My Friend.
I Know Our Friendship Will Never End.