Two hearts tha

Two hearts tha
Two hearts that beat as one,
which is what love is all about.
Two lives that intertwine,
never wanting to let one another go.
This is the genesis of love,
an everlasting one.

Jun, 12 2010     180 chars (2 sms)     717 views       Love

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Love Is No Secret
Express What You
Have Inside
If The Both Of You
You Will Realize A
New Thing You Know
You Are In Love ... :)
Rahye Manzal kia Saboot Don Tujhe

Jab Manzal mali to Payun mein Chaly nahen

Accidents do happen.
i slip- i trip- i stumble-
i fall & usually i dont
care at all.but now i dont
know what to do coz
i slipped and fell in love with u…..
“Mohabbat Naam Hai Mera”,
Agar Chaho Gey “Tum” Mujh Ko,
Tumhari Saans Se Pahle,
Tumhari Jaan Ban Jaoon,
Agar Dekho Gey “Tum” Mujh Ko,
Tumhari Ankh Se Pahle,
Tumhara Khawab Baan Jaoon,
Agar Sath Chalo Gey “Tum” Mere,
Tumhare Paoon Se Pahle,
Tumhari Raah Ban Jaoon,
“Mohabbat Naam Hai Mera”
Missed call to ek bahana hai, Irada to aapka ek lamha churana he,
Aap chahe humse baat karo ya na
Aap ki yadon mein humara ana jana
Sirf main hi tham sakoon haath us ka mujh pe itnee inayat si ker dey

Wo reh na paye ik pal bhi mere bina aey Khuda usay meri aadat si ker dey.
Roses are waiting for hours,
need one touch of yours.
my life is like a rose,
need one love dose.
flowers grows with love & sunshine,
& i''ll live till you remain mine.
Not every bird
peacock does..

Not evry flower
represnts LOVE,
Rose does..

Not evry person
reaches till d HEART,
u do..
Love is strong yet delicate.
It can be broken.
To truly love is to understand this.
To be in love is to respect this.
WOrLd iS cRueL,
LoVe iS bLinD.
LoSt iN sAdnEsS,
BluR In miND.
HeArT iS bRoKeN,
fLaMe hAd DiEd.
TiMe HaS pAsSeD bUt wHy iS hE...
sTiLL nOt mInE...
Shud B Handeled Carefully . . .


Words When "SPOKEN"
Hearts When "BROKEN"

Are Hardest Thing To Repair. . .
You got My love
You got My Promise
I'' ll be yours '' till the very end
Your my Swetheart
Your the ONE I"m looking for
This LOVE is unconditional
This LOVE will never fate
LOVE is the meaning of you
Your my ALL
Here''s a Heart that says:
I am yours FOREVER....