Complete The Sentence

Complete The Sentence
Complete The Sentence

Life Is So BORING Without...........?

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Here Gr8 Challenge!
Tll me your any newly maried realative(Male).. i will tll his wife name...
its working jst try it
Jst send your male realative name at 03343004071... i will tll u his wife name
Q. Which alphabet is a question?
ans. y (WHY)
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Q. Which alphabet is fly?
ans. B (BEE)

Which alphabet is a part of face?
ans. I (EYE)

Which alphabet is a tool?
ans. X (AXE)

Which alphabet is a drink?
ans.T (TEA)

Which alphabet is in geometry box?
ans. D(because a protractor is D shaped)

Which alphabet is a source of salt?
ans. C (SEA)
"Phansi" islam mai nahi hay aur na hi is ka time islam mai muqarar kiya gaya hay, ye angraiz ka qanoon hay. so contact them
Q : EK Shakz Peeda (Born) Hova Japan main , Pala Bhara (growin) France main , Lekin Mara (Dead) Turkey main ????

Ans : Marhum ( LATE ) [ Itz funny but its true ]
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And you Have to Do Whatever Comes In It
& Reply must

Tell Me Your Life''s Biggest Achievement

3 sentences in My praise

Cal me for 1 mint

Tell Me Your Life unforgettable Day

You Have To Kiss Me Whenever You meet In infront Of Everyone

Pepsi Is DUE On You

Send me Your 2 Favorite Msgs

Send me Balance Of 50 Rupees
Q : Duniya main Sab se Zyada Istemaal hone wali Sawari ka naaam Bataye ???

Ans 9 : LIFT Q : Duniya main Sab se Zyada Istemaal hone wali Sawari ka naaam Bataye ???

Ans 9 : LIFT
Dekhty hen ap kitny zheen hen & ''URDU'' pe aapko kitni mahaarat hasil hai...

Anday ki zardi white
''HOTI'' hai ya
''HOTA'' hai?

Rply must... ;->
Q.Agar Ap Se wo insan " I LOVE U"Kahe jise se ap pyar nahi karte

to kis tarha aap usay kahoge k me tmse pyar nahi karta aur uska dil bhi na tutay.
reply must
What book was once owned by only the wealthy, but now everyone can have it?
You can''t buy it in a bookstore or take it from a library?
ans: telephone book!
Today is CoUpLe Day..!!

Make my couple with anyone of your own choice..!!

Share it with your friends and get interesting replies..
but reply me 1st..
I am waiting for your replies..!!
RecAL ur miNd..

Or mEri kAhi hui aiSi bAt batAyEn jO ApkO Aj b yAd hy..

sEnd it 2 ALL ur frndz n gEt InTresTing MeMoriez
But repLy mE First..
It is a challenge for you,
Rewrite these words in a proper oder..
1/ Ctorpai (A Fruit)
2/ Suolt (A Flower)
3/ Jahatalm (Historical Place)
4/ Losot (Furniture item)
5/ Rceurym (An Element)
6/ pkpmiun (A Vegetable)
7/ Srriratbe (A Proffesion)

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