Chill Msg For A Cool

Chill Msg For A Cool
Chill Msg For A Cool Person,
From A Chill Person,
For A Cool Reason,
At A Chill Time,
On The Cool Night,
In A Chill Mood To Say,
Good Nite!!

Jun, 07 2010     146 chars (1 sms)     852 views       Good Night

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A late night greeting doesnt only mean good night It has a
silent msg sayin.. ur my last thought at night..Gdnight
~ Moon
has come to color
your dreams

~ Stars
to make them musical


~ My Sms
to wish you warm &
peaceful sleep

Good Night
Sweet Dreams <-:
y do we close our eyes wen we dream ?
dts bcoz d most butiful things n lyf r un seen..
so ask me ..
y cnt i see u ryt nw ?
Good Night:
Ab niche kya chadar takiya dhundh rahe ho.
Chalo so jao
In tis lovely nite, I pray 2 the blue moon 2 protect U thru the nite, the wind 2 blow away ur stress N the twinkle stars 2 guide U the way, sweet dreams Gud Nite
At this moment 3.7 Millions are sleeping,2.3 Millions
are falling in Love,4.1 Million are eating & only one
cute person in the whole world is reading my SMS....
Good Night!!!
Last night as I lay sleeping, love,
A vision came to me.
It was of you and I, my love,
A wondrous sight to see.
And in the dream I had, my love,
I reached and touched your face
I clasped your hand in mine, my love,
And felt your warm embrace.
I pressed my lips to yours, my love,
To taste your kiss so sweet
You held me for a minute, love,
In this moment that did fleet.
I wakened from the dream, my love,
With a thought of you that stayed
With me throughout the day,
my love
And never once did fade.
i wish that God would hold u tite. i hope that angels will
keep u in site. Now just2make sure u feel all rite, i"m
gonna wish u a wonderful nite! sleep tite!!
Since ur eyes are
looking tired...
Let ur
eye lashes hug each
other for few hours. . .

Happy journey into the
world of dreams. . .

Good Night
I close my eyes 2 sleep but cant. Tots of u keeps me awake,
I wonder if u"ve tot same abt me...Coz 4ling in luv with u
is out of my control.
No matter the sky is black or blue, no matter there"s stars
or moon, as long as ur heart is true, sweet dreams will always
be wif u. Gd Nite!